About Zion Square

Zion Square, or Kikar Tzion as it is called in Hebrew, is known as the heart of downtown Jerusalem, Israel.  This public square is located at the hub of all the major public transport lines and connects some of Jerusalem’s busiest streets, including Ben Yehuda, Herbert Samuel  and Yoel Moshe Salomon Streets as well as Jaffa Road.  Zion Square has been host to many of the dramatic events in Israel’s history.  Today it remains at the pulse of Israeli life and serves as a bird’s eye view of the various cultures and beliefs that call Israel home.  By day, the multitude of shops, restaurants and open-air cafes make for an economically bustling environment.  At night, Zion Square transforms into the heart of cultural nightlife.

Thanks to Zion Square Live Camyou can now have a front-row seat to this microcosm of the hustle and bustle of everyday Israeli life.  The webcam enables you to join in the many national celebrations hosted here, witness the events or simply soak up the atmosphere.  Whether it is a modern day protest, street musicians entertaining with their talent, live outdoor concerts or soldiers dancing, the Zion Square Live Cam brings Jerusalem to you.

For those considering a visit, this is an ideal way of getting a feel for the life and people of Israel.  For those who have visited Jerusalem in the past, our webcam offers a way of keeping your fond memories alive.

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